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Netra Tarpana – an Ayurvedic experience


Thanks to WebMD for the explanation.

Last week I treated myself to  a morning of Ayurvedic treatments at Radiant Living Yoga and Ayurveda. A few months ago while surfing the Internet for methods to improve my eyesight, I stumbled across some YouTube videos about an Ayurvedic eye treatment involving practitioners, dough dams, and ghee — and the practitioner pouring the ghee into their client’s eyes. I wanted to learn more about this treatment called Netra Tarpana. Was it safe?

The thought of someone pouring oil into my eye was just a little outside my comfort zone — until I was facing the inevitability of returning to my optometrist for glasses. Could Netra Tarpana work? Could it reverse the hands of time and allow me to throw away my reading glasses? Could it keep me from getting a stronger prescription? The day before my eye appointment, I finally decided to go for it.

As luck would have it, I was able to set up three treatments, including Netra Tarpana, the day after my eye appointment. I’m so happy I did!


After the initial angst about opening my eye, knowing it would soon be flooded with ghee, it was truly a pleasant experience. I will definitely try it again.